Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Man THANK YOU Kids Can & Warriors for these mean as jackets and pants. They’re snug,warm,comfortable jackets.  Another big THANK YOU!!!!  😅


W.A.L.T:write an introduction for our speech


You're crazy if you think Im coming to school every Saturday is OK! I've got other things to do.Kia ora my name is Jimi and I'm here today to convince you why we need 2 day weekends.  

Firstly I need family time 1 day isn't   enough.I Need two days with my family and plus I'll just bunk anyway thats why I believe we need  two day weekends.

Secondly I need sleep when I have enough rest on a saturday so I can focus on my work on Monday.

Thirdly I have to watch my sister on a my mam will not let me go to saturday

In conclusion I've given you 3 grate & valid  reasons why we need 2 day weekends
  • 1 one day is not enough with my family
  • 2 if  I come to school on a saturday I won't de adil to focus on my wok on monday
  • 3 I have to watch my sister on a saturdays
my name is Jimi and faiks for lisi to my speech.                                                       

Friday, 6 June 2014

 Recount: a time I was Successful

W.A.L.T: Retell of a past experience
WILF: Audience has all the information needed

"Come on Jimi jump up, the horse wont buck", Nah Nah Nah' I  kept repeating, then I said "OK,' but you better hold the rope so I can jump on".
When I hopped on Neko let go of the rope and he said "Just sit there and hold the rope". You will get use to it!

I wish I could ride the horse 24/7 now I can!